Electric car charging rules reminder

Last August, the WSHA Board clarified that it will approve electric vehicle charging under the following conditions:

  1. When the Cord

a. Can be installed from the resident's property to the resident’s assigned parking spot entirely over WSHA common property. Installations will not be approved that cross other residents’ property.

b. Can be buried under all sidewalls as installed by a licensed and bonded contractor

c. Can be stored at or below Grade, using a solution such as the following the Wiremold/Legrand Outdoor Ground Box, or a similar inground storage solution

2. The approved design has been submitted and approved by architectural control be aesthetically in keeping with community standards, and not interfering with the Board ability to the common area to the community for enjoyment, safety, or maintenance.

3. The resident has agreed to all easement, removal and agreements as determined based on the advice of legal counsel.

4. All Costs to be borne by the resident

Electric vehicles charging cords are not allowed over sidewalks or other common property, because these could create legal liability on the part of the association (1b) and do not meet our architectural control standards (2).

Further questions can be sent to Sequoia Management at wshamgmt@sequoiamgmt.info

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