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Trash Away 2 hour delay Monday 17th

Trash Away will start collections two hours later than usual due to weather on Monday. Any updates will be posted on their website, Trashaway.com, their Facebook page, or twitter @trashawaydc .

Christmas Tree disposal Wednesday 5 and 12 January

Please place trees on the nearest corner for Trash Away to collect in the mornings.

Recycling collection Thursday 25th

Trash Away could not do recycling on Monday due to ice and bad weather. They plan to send a recycling truck on Thursday, along with regular trash collection. Trash and recycling should be on the regular schedule next week.

No trash collection Thursday 18th

Trash Away plans to return on Monday, as usual. Please bring trash cans inside your property if you took them out.

More snow, check for update on trash Thursday

We have another winter storm warning for Thursday. Please check trashaway.com in the morning to see if they will collect trash as scheduled. Updates will also be posted on the WSHA website. Also please move cars from snow lanes so the plows can do their work.

Next trash pickup Thursday 4th, recycling Wednesday 3rd

Trash Away cancelled all collections on Monday due to bad weather. They plan to collect recycling only on Wednesday and regular trash on schedule on Thursday. You can sign up for their email news alerts at https://trashaway.com/#contact or check their website at trashaway.com for more updates and details.