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New security camera rules

At our May 9 meeting, the Board approved new rules concerning security cameras, as follows: 

C.3: c Individual  security cameras installed for security purposes require ACC approval.   Such devices must meet the following requirements: The dimensions of the camera as attached to the house must be no larger than 5” x 5” x 5” without visible wiring and without additional solar panel attachment as the power source.   Applications are to include:  manufacturer’s photo, the device dimensions, device color and photo showing intended placement on the house. Cameras which are components of doorbells adjacent to the entry door do not require ACC approval.

The revised ACC rules are on the WSHA website, members' section at:

Community Cleanup May 13 10 AM

We will meet in Jesse's Park. Students who join in will be able to claim service hours for participating. Bring shovels, and rakes, but leave your implements of destruction at home. Gardening gloves are strongly recommended.

Please do your part to make Westmoreland Square an even more pleasant community.

Seeking comments on exterior security camera rules