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Accessing infill lighting documents

If the link does not work, please do the following:

Log onto The documents are under WSHA Board in the main menu.  The drop down menu has committees, then maintenance committee, then lighting project. There is a folder on infill lighting. 

Infill lighting design proposal on WSHA website

The Maintenance Committee has posted a design proposal for infill lighting on our website at  The proposal is for 17 zones grouped in four areas of the community.  Pricing summaries will be added once we receive them from Outdoor Illumination, hopefully before July 2.

Lighting Presentation on June 28th

On Monday, June 28th from 7:30-9:30pm, Outdoor Illumination will present their infill lighting design proposal to the Maintenance Committee and interested homeowners.

Please join us to learn more about proposed lighting improvements throughout the WSHA community, and submit your feedback on the proposed solutions via email to Sequoia or Maintenance Committee co-chairs no later than Wednesday July 7, 2021.

The Zoom link is or please call (301) 715-8592 and enter Meeting ID 419 702 5568

Requesting feedback on infill lighting mockup

Hello to all residents of Westmoreland Square. You may or may not have noticed that there is new infill lighting installed just behind the townhouses at the addresses 6610-6622 Rosecroft Place.  This lighting is temporary and will remain in place for a few weeks.  The installation is intended to show us what might be installed elsewhere at stair areas & other dark areas of the community.  We would like feedback on the installation, either on this website or by email to and Cat Follin, cfollin@ Please let us know your impression as soon as possible since it will be taken down in early December. Once we hear from the community we will be able to get prices to design this infill lighting and to have it installed.  Thanks so much! Gail Pearson

Pavement Patching on Hopewood Friday Oct 23

Pro Pave will be repairing asphalt on Hopewood Drive Oct 23 (Friday) on the edge of Jessie’s Park, with three small patches. Also the bottom of Hopewood Drive near the Kirby side will be patched. There should be little or no disruption to traffic or parking.

Asphalt Work Postponed

As a Result of the Weather, the Asphalt work Scheduled for 5/17 and 5/18 has been postponed. The board is working with the vendor to find a suitable alternate work date, which we will provide when available.

Thank your for your patience.


Trash Pickup On Monday

In order to the scheduled Asphalt work, and Regularly Schedule Monday Trash pick up, McLean Trash will be picking up first thing Monday to be out of the way of the Asphalt Contractor.

Please put out Trash prior to 6 a.m., McLean Trash Plans to come through around 7:30-8:00 am

- WSHA Board



Asphalt Work Update

Asphalt Project Schedule December 8, 11-12 2017.   Schedule Subject to Change based on Weather.

Pro-Pave will be patching through out the entire community on Friday December 8th.  Crack Seal will be occurring on Monday December 11th, and Tuesday December 12th in accordance with the Map Mailed to Residents.

During the Crack Seal Portion of the work it is required that ALL vehicles be moved from the area between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Vehicles will be towed within the community if required.