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WSHA Picnic Sat. October 1 4 – 730 PM

Jesse's Park, Adults $10, kids 5- 11 $5, children 4 and under free.

Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee manages the community newsletter, publishes the resident directory, and organizes several events throughout the year.

Regularly Scheduled Events:

  • Community Yard Sale (Spring)
  • Annual Community Picnic (September)
  • Halloween Party (October)
  • Holiday Decorating Contest (December)
  • Wednesday Afternoon at 3:00 (weather permitting) gathering in Jessie’s Park – this has been a great way to socially distance but catch up with neighbors. The idea was created in reaction to the Covid restrictions.

Other Community Relation Sponsored Activities Include

        Woman’s Night Out/In, I think many of us miss being able to get together – hopefully by next summer this fun event will be able to resume.

WSHA Newsletter

The Newsletter is published on a monthly basis. Articles highlight upcoming events, board announcements and community issues. It is distributed to each home in the community by a team of resident volunteers on the weekend before the monthly board meeting, usually the first weekend of the month.

Sylvia Dakessian, Newsletter Editor

Connie Hyde, Chair

Hello, Westmoreland Square Neighbors!  November 19,2020

Given the harsh reality of Covid, planning events is challenging, but we all must stay vigilant and social distance. That does not mean that we cannot sponsor and promote festive community events!

Our next big event is the Holiday Decoration Contest! I hope the reality of staying home for the Holidays will bring out the creativity in all of us and everyone will participate in decorating the outside of their homes. Let us help brighten everyone’s spirits and bring lots of festive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

We will be judging the Decorations on Monday, December 21st ( Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year) and December 22nd.  There will be first, second and third place winners!  So, untangle your holiday lights and let’s make our neighborhood cheerful and bright.

The committee and I are looking for volunteers to join the committee and bring other ideas to create some fun and excitement  to our neighborhood.

Some suggestions:

A Shredding Truck – because we are all cleaning out our homes during Covid –

Sponsoring a few families during the holidays – donating meals, clothes, gifts.

Lighting Luminaries throughout the neighborhood – lining the streets on New Year’s Eve with Luminaries. We would need volunteers to make this a very spectacular event.  I remember doing this as a neighborhood New Years Eve of 1999 – Wow! 20 years ago and it was very beautiful!