WSHA portable storage unit rules

At the July 11, 2023 meeting, the WSHA Board adopted new rules stating residents may use portable storage units, such as pods, if they comply with the following:

Request permission in writing, and receive it from the Board.  Request to include name and address of resident, time needed for the unit, and proposed location.

Use them for a limited time, generally one month or less.  If a resident needs an extension, they must give the Board at least two weeks’ notice to request the extension.

Place it in their marked parking space, or in a parking area that often has empty spaces.  The unit must not interfere with other residents’ access to their assigned parking spaces.  The unit must only take up a single parking space.

Ensure the unit is not directly placed on asphalt, to avoid damage to our parking areas.

More details are in the updated parking rules, on our website under the Architectural Control / Rules folder.

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